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By: Brian Evans

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was cheered by conservatives upon the appointment of President Trump in the early stages of the Trump Administration. However, shortly after he took office, the Progressives quickly attacked him and pressured the former Alabama Senator to recuse himself from the Russia probe. Sessions ended up recusing himself, citing that he thought this was required by the federal regulation controlling “Disqualification arising from personal or political relationship” (28 CFR Sec. 45.2). However, judging from the public testimony that former FBI director James Comey had given about the investigation into Russia’s election-meddling, the regulation did not mandate recusal. In fact, it has been revealed that those whom he turned over the investigation to, were deeply involved in collusion themselves with interfering the election in favor of Hillary Clinton.

AG Sessions recusal allowed Rod Rosenstein to appoint a Special Counsellor, Robert Mueller to target the Trump Administration, and start one of the largest ‘witch hunts’ in the history of the Justice Department. From the very start, Rod Rosenstein blared conflict of interests in multiple ways. First, there is Lisa Barsoomian, who is the wife of Rod Rosenstein.  She is a high-powered  D.C. attorney who specializes in opposing Freedom of Information Act requests on behalf of the Intelligence Communities. She also works for R. Craig Lawrence, an attorney who represented Robert Mueller three times, James Comey five times, Barack Obama forty-five times, Kathleen Sebellius fifty-six times, Bill Clinton forty times, and Hillary Clinton seventeen times between 1991 and 2017. She participated in the work personally and personally represented the FBI more than five times over the years. Conveniently, many of the court dockets relating to cases that Barsoomian has represented have been deleted and removed from the D.C. District Court and the Appellate Court. One such case was a case where she represented Clinton in 1998 (Hamburg v. Clinton). Being Rod Rosenstein’s wife, clearly creates a serious conflict of interest, in that everything she has done, and everyone she has represented exemplifies  anti-Trump agenda, and ultimately anti-Trump bias. Then, there is Rod Rosenstein himself, the current Deputy Attorney General under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, previously had worked directly under Robert Mueller at the Department of Justice.  Rosenstein has numerous other conflicts of interests that demanded his recusal, including the fact that he worked for the Clinton Administration as a clean-up man, and acted as an Associate Independent Counsel to the Clinton’s from 1995 until 1997. Rosenstein supervised the investigation of Obama White House officials that found who obtained classified background reports. In the end, he claimed that he had found no basis for criminal prosecution, despite rampant and massive corruption now being unveiled throughout much of his Administration. In addition, it is suspected that Rosenstein helped to cover up scandals that occurred during the Clinton Administration. Those cover-ups included covering for Hillary Clinton, who was one of the people who had access to the reports. Ultimately, Rosenstein declined to file indictments against the Clinton’s. Conveniently, Rosenstein was also appointed in the early years of the Clinton era to work in the US Office of the Independent Counsel under Ken Starr to investigate the Clinton Whitewater Scandal. Ironically, Rosenstein’s cohort, James Comey worked alongside Rosenstein in the Whitewater case. They cooperatively worked the investigation, apparently to help ensure that the Clinton’s were exonerated of all charges. In the end, despite overwhelming evidence of corruption, massive fraud, and with the Deep State investigators assistance, the Clinton’s escaped prosecution in what appears to be a long chain of corruption and crime.

Individuals like Robert Mueller created a  path for the Deep State embeds. His biography shows that he grew up outside of Philadelphia, where he attended St. Paul’s school in New Hampshire, where he played on his LaCrosse team alongside former Democrat Secretary of State John Kerry. Mueller started out in 1976 as the assistant U.S. attorney for the Northern District of California, which is one of the more liberal benches in the United States. Over the next twenty years, he worked in the DOJ in the District of Massachusetts, and was named FBI director in July of 2001. During that time, Mueller dealt with the 9/11 attacks, but the area that is of the greatest concern was when he was tasked with the overhaul of the bureau to better deal with 21st century terrorism. Mueller’s overhaul of the bureau involved him converting the FBI’s domestic crime-fighting methods and culture, into a high-tech globalized operation. Meanwhile, Mueller pressed for expanded FBI surveillance powers, despite the fact that he, and then Deputy Attorney General James Comey, both attacked and threatened their resignations, over the Bush Administration, for what they called abuse of surveillance powers. Soon after, the Bush Administration’s Attorney General John Ashcroft became sick and hospitalized, and his Deputy AG James Comey and FBI Director Mueller, seized the moment and countered the Attorney General John Ashcroft’s authorized surveillance powers. In the end, a compromise was reached between the Mueller/Comey team and the Bush Administration’s DOJ. In the years to come, Mueller continued expanding the FBI’s high-tech global surveillance operations, and became the focus of praise and admiration for the new Obama Administration in 2011. As a result, then President Barack Obama offered Mueller a two-year extension. Additionally, in 2013 President Obama also appointed James Comey Director of the FBI. Ironically, in that capacity, Comey was responsible for overseeing the FBI’s investigation of the Hillary Clinton email controversy, and as America recently witnessed, the Deep State attacks on President Trump himself, despite clear evidence in the hands of Comey, Rosenstein, and Mueller showing that the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton being both financially behind the attacks on her Presidential opponent, and despite the evidence blatantly implicating the Obama Administration, Hillary, and the DNC for colluding with Russia in an effort to affect the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election!

Clearly it is not a mere coincidence, that James Comey, was the FBI director appointed by a President in which evidence is clearly showing was involved in corruption, and a calculated attack on an opposition Party’s candidate. It is no coincidence, that the Clinton’s, Democrats, and Barack Obama fought to get President Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused from the Russia probe. It is no coincidence, that Rod Rosenstein was next in line to take over as acting Attorney General, with the power to appoint a Special Council. It is no coincidence that Robert Mueller was appointed by Rod Rosenstein to launch an all out war against a sitting President. And now, it is no coincidence that despite evidence leading down a path that implicates not only Hillary Clinton, but the Democratic National Committee, the FBI, the DOJ, the Obama Administration, and it appears it is likely leading directly to Obama himself.

Despite all the conflicts of interest, in 2017, approximately four years after Mueller retired from the FBI, Rod Rosenstein named Robert Mueller head of the special counsel to oversee the investigation into Russian interference into the 2016 presidential election and possible ties to associates of President Donald Trump. Mueller’s appointment drew praise from both sides of the aisle, but praise was predominantly found unanimously by Democrats, and mostly with Fabian-Rino Anti-Trump Republicans on the other side of the aisle. In fact, Mueller should have drawn serious concerns from both sides of the aisle, right from the start. That is because Mueller had questionable ties to the Hillary Clinton State Department. He was involved in delivering and transporting 10 grams of highly enriched uranium for Clinton in the name of counter-terrorism. Ironically, this was during the same time frame that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were working on the Uranium One deal that gave Russia control of 20% of our uranium reserves in America. Reserves that risk our nation’s national security interests. Also, a deal that has been found to be blatantly corrupt and illegal. Then, quickly after the Russia uranium deal closed, the Clinton Foundation was showered with Russian donors generosity of millions of dollars.

As evidence became clear that Russia had meddled in the election, the evidence began to show that those involved in the collaboration with Russians were all Democrats including Hillary Clinton, House Intelligence Committee member Adam Schiff (D-CA), Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), and the DNC itself. To make matters worse, Democrats have admitted tha no evidence has been found in nearly a year and a half  with an army of progressive democrat attorney’s, House investigations, Senate investigations, FBI investigations, DOJ investigations, mainstream media investigators, and  millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars expended. Furthermore, Mueller is supposed to follow the bread crumbs to find out who was colluding with Russia, and despite all the evidence blatantly showing that the Hillary Clinton, Democrats, and the DNC having direct contact with Russians and with Fusion GPS, Mueller has refused to investigate the group of individuals who were working with the Russians to meddle in our elections. Therefore, since Mueller hasn’t ben able to find Trump/Russia collusion and the evidence seems to point to his friends and accomplices, he has decided to refocus the investigation on something that he could easily pin on the President, guilty or not. Therefore, reports indicate from Democrats and the mainstream media that he has decided to turn his investigation’s focus on what they call President Trump’s ‘obstruction of justice.’ Now, Democrats claim that his firing of FBI Director James Comey, ‘obstruction of justice,’ despite the fact that the FBI Director serves at the pleasure of the President, it is the President’s job to hire and fire the FBI Director, and the fact that when James Comey was Director, he leaked classified information to an outside sources, which some were then leaked to the New York Times. Not only did Comey break the law, he violated his oath of office, and under FBI rules and regulations should be fired and prosecuted. Despite the facts, Comey’s longtime friend Robert Mueller is using his dismissal by the President to try to build a case to try to indict him for ‘obstruction of justice.’ Meanwhile, those in our government who have definitive ties with Russia, paid Fusion GPS for a now debunked dossier, that was used to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on an opposing Presidential candidate and then on a duly elected sitting United States President of the United States.

Now, just as it seems that the Mueller investigation couldn’t become any more corrupt, they are now swallowing up any evidence of Deep State Corruption and hiding texts that would likely demonstrate not only the innocence of the Trump Administration, but the corruption and guilt of the Obama Administration. In fact, two leading Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee just released on Monday, a redacted top-secret email that Obama administration National Security Advisor Susan Rice appears to have sent herself just minutes after President Donald Trump took office. It details Obama’s discussions with Rice how he was contemplating having Russia intelligence information hidden from the incoming Trump Administration. Details that violate the Oval Office ethics and procedures to the core. Just another example of how the corruption was rampant, throughout not only the law enforcement agencies, but all the way up to the highest office in the land… The President of the United States. Despite the obvious and rampant corruption, the ‘witch hunt’ went on. In fact, it only has gotten worse, as the Mueller Special Council was stacked with Anti-Trump, Pro-Hillary, Progressive-Socialist ideological legal team and now that blatant bias is shining through. In fact, Fox News released the texts that led up to the months of missing text messages. They were between FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress FBI attorney Lisa Page, both former members on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team. They were both removed when evidence of their Anti-Trump texts surfaced. Their texts were extremely concerning and showed their blatant bias against Trump, and admiration for Hillary Clinton. The texts revealed that they wanted Hillary to win, while they called Trump a ‘loathsome human’. They threw out threats against Americans by saying that they would get what they deserve for voting for Trump. Because of Trump’s election, they called American’s ‘incredibly ignorant’, called Christians pathetic, and Trump supporters ‘douchebags’, and said that they ‘loathed Congress.’  They even talked about how the Mainstream Media were ‘in the bag’ for Hillary and ‘huge Clinton donors.’ Even more concerning, Strzok and Page talked about using a untraceable phone, so they could talk about the Hillary Clinton investigation without being monitored. They went even further when talking about their concerns that the FBI’s response to the infamous ‘Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting would look rehearsed’. A concern that should raise serious questions about the integrity of the FBI investigation into the Hillary Clinton scandal, and question the integrity of James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, and other top FBI and DOJ officials. Ironically, it later turned out that James Comey wrote Hillary’s exoneration letter before they even investigated her or the tarmac incident. Strzok even admitted that he knew that ‘no charges will be brought’ against AG Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton. A move that isn’t surprising since Strzok  made it clear that he was pulling for Hillary by stating “Congrats on a woman nominated for President in a major party! About damn time! Then, he went on to say that Trump should “go f**k himself.” Strzok then mentioned the texts going dark, and the messages ended on May 17, 2017, which happened to be the exact same date that Robert Mueller was appointed to the Special Council by Rod Rosenstein.

In all, the corruption throughout the FBI, DOJ, and Mueller Special Council has become clearly obvious, and yet our Attorney General Jeff Sessions has remained silent. He has recused himself from the Russia investigation, which allowed for an out of control, deeply flawed and corrupted Special Council have a free rein. He allowed Rosenstein to gain the control over the investigation, so that Mueller could be appointed, and go unrestrained, while he searched for any way to indict a duly elected, sitting President of the United States. In fact, despite all bread crumbs left by the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton, Mueller refuses to investigate the real criminals. Still, AG Jeff Sessions refuses to do his job! In fact, instead of condemning, or even showing grave concerns about the corruption that is rampant through his own Department of Justice and the FBI, Attorney General Jeff Sessions actually praised Assistant Attorney General Rosenstein.Sessions praised him on the SAME DAY that Rosenstein was identified in the FISA memo as one of the out of control individuals who signed off on a FISA memo that Rosenstein knew was based on a knowingly FAKE dossier, granting authorization to spy on President Trump! Attorney General Sessions refuses to intervene while the DOJ and FBI have been refusing to hand over vital information that is potentially damning for the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton. As a result, Congress has been preparing contempt charges against both the FBI and DOJ, as they continue to refuse cooperating with the Congressional request to turn over information for nearly two months.

In the end, America cannot have two sets of laws. We cannot have a set of laws that the Progressive-Socialist Democrats follow, and another set that everyone else abides by. Those are the type of governments that exist in communist or fascist nations. We cannot have a law enforcement system that are allowed to violate constitutional rights of other Americans. We cannot have a Department of Justice, or FBI that is allowed to skirt the laws and pronounce American citizens ‘guilty’, regardless of proof or evidence. We cannot have a law enforcement system that ignores individuals who sell America’s national security and uranium resources to a known enemy, all for profit. We cannot have a law enforcement system that tries to affect or change the outcome of an election. We cannot have a law enforcement system that ignores the true colluders with Russia, while blaming others, while knowing that they are truly innocent. We cannot have a law enforcement system that allows the manipulation of our judicial branch, in order to get a license to illegally spy on Americans. We cannot have a law enforcement system that is infiltrated with political activists whose goal is to take down anyone who opposes their ideology. We cannot have a law enforcement system that allows the IRS to target individuals, simply because they are conservatives or Christians. And we cannot have a law enforcement system that is led by a man who refuses to do the job that he was appointed to do. A man who praises the corrupt, while turning a blind eye to injustices. Injustices that have tainted the very fabric of our law enforcement system. These corrupt individuals must be EXPELLED AND PROSECUTED! Individuals like former FBI Director James Comey, Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Special Counsellor Robert Mueller, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former President Bill Clinton, former President Barack Obama, and LIKELY MANY MORE! However, in order to clean out the corrupt, Attorney General Jeff Sessions MUST GO!

Now, many are starting to suspect Attorney General Jeff Sessions was a Fabian-Bush family plant. Although he comes from a deeply red and conservative state like Alabama, indications are beginning to point towards the idea that Jeff Sessions could be a Fabian-Economic Bush Dynasty family plant, intentionally imbedded within the Trump Administration. Regardless, the evidence continues to mount. For example, it was Jeff Sessions who released an intensely redacted manuscript of the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting. A move that showed the blatant attempt to cover-up for Clinton and Lynch, along with Obama Administration corruption. Sessions has refused to condemn an investigation that has made it obvious that it is out of control, and has no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia. Sessions has given high praise for Mueller, Rosenstein, and Comey, despite an overwhelming and mounting stack of evidence that shows that they are corrupt, have violated numerous laws, and have shown blatant disregard for the Constitution, and Constitutional laws. Sessions has also refused to act on an immense wealth of evidence that shows violations of our voting laws, civil rights, and constitutional rights against the very same top law enforcement officers throughout the FBI and Sessions own Department of Justice. Sessions roots can be traced back to conservatism, but as with any politician, Elitism and corruption can set in when they have lived within the Washington D.C. swamp for a little too long.

Jeff Sessions nomination as Attorney General was believed by his conservative base, to be a huge benefit to President Trump and his agenda. His persona did not reek of betrayal, but Sessions has an increasingly concerning record of turning a blind eye, and even government overreach. An overreach where he has justified outright theft from the Americans. In fact, Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently ordered the Justice Department to increase the use of civil asset forfeiture, thus once again endorsing an unconstitutional, authoritarian, and increasingly unpopular policy. Opponents like Ron Paul, Urged President Trump To Dump Sessions as AG, because “Jeff Sessions Endorses Theft.” Regardless of Sessions betrayal to conservatives and the Trump base, Sessions has a history of close ties with the Bush family, and since Sessions confirmation, he has allowed a ‘unfounded witch-hunt’ to continue, despite any fruitful revelations for over a year. He has allowed the Elitist Progressives and Fabians to not only go unpunished, but he has refused to initiate any investigations. Furthermore, he has praised the very individuals who have demonstrated corruption and disregard for the laws of our country. All signs that regardless of whether Attorney General Sessions is a deep state plant or not, whether he is a good man or not, Sessions has proven to be a weak and impotent Attorney General. Now is not the time for weakness at the helm of the top law enforcement agency in the world. It is time to show strength. Time to put a pit-bull into office. An Attorney General who will do what needs to be done. One who will go after the guilty, not the innocent. It is time to replace Jeff Sessions with an Attorney General who isn’t there as a prop for the Bush family or deep state. It is time for an Attorney General who fights not for the President or his adversaries, but for law and order. One who will enforce the laws, regardless of who breaks them. Then, and only then, will President Trump be able to truly ‘Drain the Swamp.’

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By: Brian Evans