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By: Brian Evans

Socialists and Communists always sensationalize and glamorize their socialist ideology, an on Tuesday, Bernie Sanders was no different. He tweeted out one of the socialist idiotic talking points about the Republican tax plan. He tweeted:

Only a Socialist could tweet out something so stupid.

What Bernie doesn’t say, is that a single mother working full time at minimum wage will make $15,080 at the current federal minimum wage of $7.25. She would ultimately receive more money back from the government each year than she pays in taxes. In addition, she would also qualify for numerous welfare programs costing taxpayers thousands of dollars per year. In the end, the money is taken from other Middle Class Taxpayers and given to her for doing no work.  It is pure and simple SOCIALISM!

Then, you look at Bernie’s example for a family making $500,000 a year with two kids. They would get $4,000 back in taxes under the current Republican plan. In the end, they would likely pay from 33% to 39% of their income in taxes.

Therefore, Bernie Sanders and the Progressive-Socialist Democrat Party try to victimize those who are actually taking money from the Middle Class taxpayers. Socialists criticize the our system and try to make it appear as if Socialism isn’t the problem, but Capitalism. Just like every other aspect of Left-Wing Political life, the radical Left has been playing a bait and switch scheme. They have been doing a shell game with our tax-dollars. They hope that American’s are not paying attention. They try to make the majority of American’s believe that they are the victims. Unfortunately, it is the hard working Middle Class that are the victims. They are bilked out of their hard earned money, forced to give it to those who don’t work, and then the Progressive-Socialists point the finger at the so-called ‘Rich’ (actually the Middle Class) and claim that they are the problem. They say that “they don’t pay their fair share”. It is an unfortunate sharade that the Progressive’s have been utilizing and getting away with for years. It is a practice that ‘We the People’ need to end, or America will sink into poverty, misery, and ultimately tyranny.

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