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By: Brian Evans

Feminists throughout history have helped women gain the right to vote, have equal pay in more abundance, and gain the right to be equals to men in the workplace. However, along with those achievement’s, feminist movements have shifted and altered their course to a much more dark and sinister purpose. They have embraced the Socialist-Progressive agenda, despite it’s crushing blows that it causes to befall upon women. Today’s Progressive-Socialist Feminists have betrayed the very women that they tout to embrace. If you don’t fall in line with the Progressive-Left, you become a target to destroy. If you don’t try to feminize men, then you are a traitor. If you don’t agree with allowing homosexual men and many times perverted men into the bathroom with you and your little girls, you are a homophobe. If you work from home, you are labeled an anti-feminist and traitor once again. The recent “Women’s March” in Washington D.C. is a prime example of the feminists embracing of Anti-Woman ideals that have engulfed the movement. They bash men as an un-necessary menaces, sexualize womanhood, and demonize anyone who opposes them.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary,

feminism is defined as the theory of the political, economic, and the social equality of the sexes.

However, despite the fact that the Feminist Movement was once about pushing for political, economic, and social equality for women, it has metamorphasized into a political machine for the Progressive-Socialist Left. A political monster that has less interest in what is best for women, and more about what is best in implementing the left leaning socialist-societal chains, and ultimately communist ideology. To better understand these political realities, we will explore not only the so-called feminist leaders, but the agenda that they push across not only America, but the globe as well.

First, when examining some of the Feminist leaders of today, there is Gloria Steinem. She has been one of the major feminist leaders in recent years, and in 2013, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, by President Barack Obama. Like ANTIFA and other left-wing fringe groups, she calls herself a Social-Justice Warrior, and a crusader for equality. Steinem has fought tirelessly for abortion on demand, and pushed other left-wing agenda items. For example, she has railed against women who want to stay at home, pushed for LGBT rights that have allowed perverted men to enter the women’s restroom, and pushed for increased numbers of abortions that have now topped 60 million babies lives extinguished since the passage of Roe-v-Wade. Is it truly a feminist movement when someone pushes to silence millions of female’s before they even have the chance to be born into the world and have their own voice. She was even quoted in Time Magazine saying: ”

“Housewives are dependent creatures who are still children…parasites.”

Ultimately, Gloria Steinam and other left-wing Progressives may be hailed by many so-called feminists as crusaders in the “Women’s Movement,” but truly, they are not fighting for women at all. They are fighting for an ideology that will ultimately take all rights away from not only men, but women as well. The feminists fight against women who want to stay at home and raise their family. They fight against Christians who want to teach their children that they can grow up and make their own decisions and embrace whatever lifestyle they choose. In fact, anyone who chooses to live a lifestyle that is Christian based, one that embraces family values, or one that goes against the ‘Liberal Lifestyle’ are labeled sexist, male-chauvenist, misanthrope, or anti-feminist.

The Cornerstone of the Progressive-Feminist movement involves pushing for what they call a ‘woman’s right to choose’. They are ultimately denying another person’s right to live, and right to have their own voice. It is now pushing against a woman’s right to raise and nurture her own children, so instead their children can be raised by the state and influenced to fit the new mold for a ‘Progressive Mindset.’

In 2013, Governor Cuomo (NY-D) along with Chuck Schumer and other New York Democrats pushed legislation called the “Women’s Equality Act,” which allowed for women to have an abortion in the 3rd Trimester of their pregnancy for any reason, and at any time. To make the matter worse, the abortion didn’t even have to be performed by a doctor; thus, risking the life of the woman. Meanwhile, government-funded Planned Parenthood was pushing women to get an abortion, while not mentioning other options like adoption at all.

Meanwhile, with Left-Wing Hollywood Elitists like Harvey Weinstein having been protected by the Progressive-Socialist Left and feminist leaders, now as Weinstein and other Hollywood Elitists have been implicated in sexual predatory actions, Democrats and the National Organization of Women (N.O.W.) once again attacks the male instead of the problem by stating on their website:

“Hollywood Doesn’t Have a Harvey Weinstein Problem: It Has A Male Power And Privilege Problem.” (National Organization of Women)

In the end, the so-called ‘Feminist Movement’ doesn’t have anything to do with ‘women’s choice’. Instead, it has to do with forcing women to ‘choose a lifestyle pre-ordained by the Progressive-Socialist Left’. The so called ‘Feminist Movement’ has actually become the ‘True War on Women’ by silencing other women.

American’s must say no the silencing of million’s of human beings in the womb, and to the taking away a woman’s right to choose her own path if it veers away from the Progressive-Socialist Democrat’s Platform.

Therefore, since the ‘Feminist Movement’ is not pro-women, what does it mean to be Pro-Women? In reality, it is about embracing womanhood! It is about valuing the miraculous gift that God has bestowed on women to be able to create life. The gift of being able to hold and nurture that child, to be able to work if you so choose, but also to be able to have the right and privilege to stay home and teach that child how to love, respect, and honor ALL LIFE! To be able to teach that child that you must respect other people’s opinions, despite whether they agree with you or not. True Feminism is about respecting the voices and opinions of all women, rather than silencing the women who disagree with you.

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