By: Brian Evans

Washington D.C. Establishment Elitists have been rocked by a seismic earthquake on Tuesday following the election victory of Judge Roy Moore to the United States Senate. It is an election victory that would have been unheard of in election cycles of the past. With Progressive-Socialist and Pro-Communist Leftists infiltrating virtually every corner of the Democrat Party, and a large portion of the Republican Party, the American voter’s have had ENOUGH! Despite the Establishment Republican’s having sank tens of millions of dollars to support their Pro-Establishment candidate Luther Strange, he was not able to compete against the Populist Conservative-Constitutionalist Candidate Roy Moore. Information coming out of the Washington DC Establishment is they are terrified that this could set of a wave of Anti-Establishment Candidates that will run against Establishment Republicans. A move that could change the make-up of government for years to come. With a number of other Republicans up for re-election next year and many more in 2020, Establishment Republican have been trying to scramble to plan out their next move. Some, have debated if they should seek re-election like Bob Corker of Tennessee. He has announced that he will not seek re-election next year with growing concerns that he could not win against a Roy Moore type candidate.

It is still early to be able to tell with certainty, but indications show a growing discontent nationwide with not only the Globalist Progressive-Socialist Democrat Party, but also with the Progressive-Rino Republicans. If the Judge Roy Moore win is any indication of what is to come, Democrat and Republican Establishment Elitists are understandably quaking in their boots. Meanwhile, it could be quite a show, as American’s choose to reign in an out-of-control government who puts their own wants and desires over the needs of their constituents who they are supposed to represent.

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