By: Brian Evans

A few short years ago, many Americans believed that our country was on the brink of self-destruction, and past the point of refuge. Our government was, and still is inundated with fraud, waste, and abuse. Not only have our leaders have been corrupted to the very core, but they have tainted our sacred institutions, and many of those institutions have been taken over by the very communist ideology that ‘We the People’ fought so hard to topple just 30 short years ago within the Soviet Union. In recent years, most American’s began to feel as if their vote didn’t matter anymore. During elections, they believed that they only had a choice between a Progressive-Socialist Democrat and a Rino-Republican who claimed to fight for our Constitutional ideals, but almost immediately caved to Progressive-Socialist demands without so much as a simple fight. But that has all begun to change.

American’s have fought against the corruption, and elitism that the establishment felt entitled to over the years, but no one person, or organization was able to gain traction in toppling the socialist-elite structure. That is, not until Donald J Trump came into the political fray. Conservatives had tried to push the Tea Party movement, but it fizzled out quickly and left conservatives disappointed in its lack of success against the democratic machine. Many had begun to believe that the war against the establishment was over, and  America as we knew it, was no more. However, when Donald Trump announced his candidacy in June 2016, nobody was aware of the storm over the horizon that was about to sweep the nation with incredible ferocity. Democrats and their mainstream media counterparts laughed off the idea that Donald Trump even had a chance to win the Presidency, let alone beat the queen of the democrat establishment Hillary Clinton. Between his lack of political experience, his blunt commentary, and his obvious lack of political correctness, most political experts throughout the nation wrote him off as a complete joke. So what was it that propelled him into the White House, and gave him such a huge following?

To understand this, you have to realize that although President Trump embraced the slogan “Make America Great Again,” the movement was one that had already begun to coalesce throughout the nation during the preceding years, and Presidential Administrations. It was a movement that President Trump was able to bring together and unify. It was like a military with no leadership or direction. And it waited in silence for the right leader. One who would stand against the injustices of the left. Stand against the constant criticisms from the Progressives. Stand against a media that puts power and the dollar before truth. It would take a man unafraid to be threatened for daring to oppose the stereotypical elitists who utilize political correctness to manipulate and control their enemies for fear that the voters would believe their lies and distortions. It took a man like Donald Trump, who had the intellect and business sense to be able to visualize exactly what was needed, and understand when our nation was ready. After all, 8 years earlier, America would have likely elected Barack Obama over President Trump, simply because, as a nation, we were not ready to see and admit how corrupt our nation had become. During President Obama’s Presidency, Obama created more racial and social divisions, criticized our country to the world,  demeaned Americans, and violated the Constitution in ways most Americans couldn’t fathom. In the end, 8 years of Obama’s Presidency, he set the stage for a rebellion of proportions that hasn’t been seen since the Civil War. That is when President Trump entered the political stage, embraced the frustrations of the American People, the fear of our country spiraling out of control, and the realization that the democrats were moving our country ever-so-quickly towards a socialist one-world society.

Yes, Trump took a puzzle inlaid with sharp bitter fragments, composed of millions of pieces, and he brought all those pieces together. He did so by inspiring Americans to believe in democracy, to have the bravery and strength to rise up and proclaim that we stand by our President and our principles without fear of reprisal, and he made us believe in our movement like nobody else has been able to do. He made us realize that despite all the rhetoric coming from the left, and propaganda coming from the mainstream media, that alone we may not be able to defeat the left, but together we can stop the progressive takeover, clean out the swamp, build the wall, secure the borders, re-build the military, reduce the debt, reclaim our healthcare system, and ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.’

President Trump has not only given Americans confidence, but his movement is gaining even more traction as he has exposed how radically left and out of touch the democrats have become, how crooked the Republican establishment is, how incredibly biased and untrue the mainstream media is, and how corrupt virtually every department of our government has become. The ‘MAGA’ movement is one that needed a leader who could give it inspiration and coalesce the many groups together as one. Today, it continues to grow as President Trump exposes the left for what they truly are. Progressive-Socialists and Communists who hate the very fabric of our Constitutional Republic. They hate Capitalism, and have a hunger for a socialist economy with the Elitist Have’s, and the Peasant Have-Nots! Progressives don’t understand why they cannot bring down President Trump with their constant barrage of lies, slander, and distortions, despite it working easily against other Republican Presidents of the past. Truthfully, it is because the ‘Make America Great Again’ movement has transcended President Trump. It could never have begun without Trump, but it is more than him. He has given Americans the courage to stand up to not only Democrats, but to Republican Rinos! They are not afraid to be politically incorrect anymore. President Trump has become the father of the movement, but it doesn’t matter what the left slings at him, America will stand by him, because it is about more than Trump. We are now a country that is finally willing to open our eyes to the truth and fight it without fear of smears and reprisals. The movement is why Alabama voters are ignoring President Trump’s endorsement of the Establishment’s Senate candidate Luther Strange, and is overwhelmingly supporting the Pro-Trump candidate Judge Roy Moore. American’s refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils anymore. We are willing to take a chance and vote for the true patriot. We will not only show our support of President Trump, but for the ‘MAGA” movement’s agenda.

In the coming months, American’s will continue to solidify their support behind President Trump and the Pro-Trump candidates. Progressive In 2018 and 2020, Democrats will likely lose a number of key seats in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Additionally, Pro-Trump Republican candidates will likely begin to pick off Republican RINOS like Jeff Flake, Luther Strange, John McCain, and others. It will prove to be our chance to reclaim our Constitutional Republic for ‘We The People’, and finally we will have been able to truly ‘Make America Great Again.’

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