By: Brian Evans

Our country has reached a moment in history that ‘we as a society’ have to make a critically important choice. Our country is under siege from a socialist movement that’s end game is to create two classes of people: the elitist lawmakers, and their subjects. The United States has slowly ‘progressed’ towards this communist ideological movement along with the rest of the world. It was a shift that was expected by Progressives’ to continue moving forward following the 2016 election of Hillary Rodham Clinton. However, Donald Trump put a monkey wrench in the gears of their elitist progressive political machine. As a result, they have been forced to step up their campaign to smear the President, distort his motivations, fabricate lies to break the American people’s trust of him, and push forward with their racist, bigoted, power-hungry agenda.

Now we are facing a clash of the ‘Deep State’ against ‘We the People’ and the President of the United States. We have a growing unelected government that is pushing a pro-communist, anti-democratic, anti-constitutional, anti-republic, and anti-American agenda. They work to undermine not only our constitutional republic, but the very document that protects our very ‘God-Given’ rights that were documented by our Founding Fathers. In order to see the work of the ‘Deep State’, one has to look no further than the Obama Administration. New documents have been revealed that show how President Obama loosened the restrictions on the CIA, NSA, FBI, NSA, and other intelligence agencies, so that Obama officials could not only illegally spy on American citizens and unmask their names, but so they could easily leak that information to the ‘Mainstream Media’, which has become the ‘Progressive’ mouthpiece of their organization. It is now know that not only Susan Rice has been shown to be guilty of illegally unmasking American’s private conversations and information, but now we know that Obama’s Ambassador to the United Nations ‘Samantha Powers’ was directly involved in unmasking hundreds of Americans. In addition, John Brennan (Head of CIA under Obama), James Clapper, and others within his administration were busy spying, unmasking, and leaking information about private citizens as well, in an obvious attempt to sabotage our Republic, and forward their ‘Progressive’ Socialist takeover of our government.

As the ‘Progressive’s have pushed their Anti-Trump agenda under their shroud of secrecy, President Trump pushes forward with his Pro-American, Pro-Democratic, Pro-Republic, Pro-Constitutional agenda. He defies all odds with his refusal to be what the left calls ‘politically correct’. The President has done what no other President has been willing to do, by standing up to the ‘Political Establishment’ and ‘Elitist’ mentality of the Washington DC swamp, and calling out the blatant threats of the ‘Deep State’ un-elected government that influences our politicians in Washington, and throughout our great nation.

As a result of President Trump’s strong resistance to the ‘Deep State’, the political establishment has pushed the ‘Russia Collusion’ narrative to try to bring down the President. Fortunately, a strong majority of the American people have not fallen for it! But the ‘Deep State’ has quietly been transforming and morphing their strategy against the President to keep the attack going. They pushed for a ‘Special Counsel’ who was appointed by the Obama Administration’s pick  for attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein’s choice for Special Counsel, Robert Mueller has proven to be just another corrupt ‘Deep State’ operative in the Washington swamp. Mueller not only has conflicts of interests due to being friends with former FBI director James Comey, but he has gathered one of the largest, and most powerful ‘Progressive’ legal teams in United States history. His team is composed almost entirely of Clinton/Obama donors who hate the President; and as a result, it means that any evidence that they find to vindicate President Trump would likely be suppressed or destroyed. Now, since Mueller’s team cannot find any Russia/Trump collusion, they are implementing what is called ‘Mission Crepe’. They are going outside the scope of their original mandate and investigating financial dealings, real estate deals, and other transactions that Trump’s businesses have made going back over 20 years to try and find any potentially illegal or damning evidence that the ‘Deep State’ can utilize against Trump. Meanwhile, despite Mueller’s violation of his mandate, Rosenstein and other’s have quietly refused to ask for Mueller’s resignation or dismiss him from the job. Consequently, Mueller, Rosenstein and other government officials appear to be just another part of the ‘Deep State’ strategy to sabotage a duly elected President and overthrow the will of the American people.

To make matters worse, Robert Mueller has now convened a Grand Jury in the supposed Russia/Collusion investigation. To better understand the un-democratic reality of a ‘Grand Jury’, the United States is one of only two countries on earth (the US and Libya) that employ the concept of the grand jury, and for good reason. Grand Juries are about as undemocratic as can be. The ‘Grand Jury’ concept has twisted and perverted the fairness of being tried by a jury of your peers. It is designed to appear democratic, but it is structured in a way to take away the whole idea of a fair trial, because they are one-sided. The prosecution collects evidence for the sole purpose of bringing down the accused, and the prosecution doesn’t give the accused  person’s defense the ability to cross-examine or even challenge any evidence that they provide to the jury. The prosecutors hand-pick the facts that they want to utilize, and it allows nothing that would question their results. It is undemocratic, authoritarian, and the end result is a ‘Witch Hunt’ and the loss of a citizen’s right to a fair trial. To make matters worse, Special Counsellor Robert Mueller has called a Grand Jury in a swamp ridden city (Washington DC) that President Trump drew only 11,000 votes when compared to the fact that Hillary Clinton received more than 260,000 votes. It makes it likely that not a single person on the Grand Jury would be favorable or impartial to the President.

Meanwhile, many Americans are asking why have we not investigated Hillary Clinton for her intentional obstruction of justice? After all, Clinton and her staff deleted 33,000 emails that were under subpoena, preformed bleachbitting on all of her computers to ensure they could not be read, smashed all of the computer’s hard drives, miraculously made the sim-cards from their smart phones vanish, and had numerous other blatant violations of justice.

In the end, we have an obvious ‘witch hunt’ for evidence against a sitting President, where the ‘Deep State’ is pushing the philosophy of ‘guilty until proven guilty’. The ‘Deep State Progressives’ will not stop until all opposition to their cause is taken down and the ‘Constitution of the United States’ is destroyed. But in the end, if Americans continue to defy the ‘Elitist Political Class’ and ‘Deep State’, our vast numbers will overpower their tyranny. After all, even if they were successful in their attempt for Mueller to bring forth a case, and Congress responds by subsequently removing him from office, the Constitution allows for him to run for President again. The ‘Deep State’s’ tyrannical power grab would only embolden and empower President Trump’s support, and the love and backing of his base would ultimately grow. In the end, ‘We the People’ would re-elect him along with overwhelming and unprecedented numbers. This is a war between the ‘Deep State’ and ‘We the People’ that is not fought on a battlefield, but in the hearts, minds, and through the will of the people. We can visually see the support President Trump has at his rallies, on twitter, and in our neighborhoods. Furthermore, if we continue to support him in the voting booth by ridding the swamp of ‘Progressives’, ‘Establishment Elitists’, and ‘Rinos’, he will likely prove to be one of the greatest Presidents in American history, and our saving grace from our Constitutional Republic’s ultimate demise.

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